Outdoor folding tables and chairs material issues

Time:2023-04-28 00:00:00

Outdoor folding tables and chairs are very convenient can not take up space, in the car is also very practical, in the face of a variety of tables and chairs on the market, so what material outdoor folding tables and chairs most durable?

1, solid wood folding tables and chairs: for other materials will be more environmentally friendly, durable, and the performance of solid wood is also very textured beautiful atmosphere. Most are maple, teak, cherry, clear texture suitable for home use, but the price is more expensive.

2, imitation solid wood folding tables and chairs: there are certain similarities with solid wood, in the texture texture color performance are better, imitation solid wood is made of man-made panels, solid wood mix, the quality is not as good, the life is not long.

3, aluminum folding tables and chairs: aluminum folding tables and chairs made of aluminum, the overall will be lighter than solid wood, and good quality, high load-bearing capacity, not easy to deform, have a good service life, very suitable for outdoor use. Use.

4, iron folding Zhuo chairs: strong load-bearing, not easy to deform, but relatively heavier, easy to corrode and rust.